Friday, January 26, 2018

Augustus on Trial Podcasts!

Augustus Mock Trial Podcast
Please create a 4-6 minute podcast that addresses
the following charges

Gaius Octavius, also known as Caesar Augustus,
is charged with the overthrow of the Roman Republic,
the usurpation of the traditional rights of Roman citizens,
and the establishment of the Roman Empire with
himself as the Emperor.

Your job is to be either the prosecution or the
defendant and prove your case.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

IV Form Expedition Day 2

Blue bird sky's and amazing temps today!!!  Ill get more pictures up later.

More pictures can be found here: IV Form Expedition Pictures 

Saturday, October 14, 2017

IV Form Expedition Day 1

The expedition is up and running! Boys are all packed up and many have hit the trail. Ill be posting pictures as internet is available so check back often!!!


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

5/17/2017 Making Climbing Holds with Trevor and Charles

Trevor and I have started to gather up and clean all of our silicone negatives so that we can make many climbing holds at once.

We realized that, if we properly stabilized them, we could fit more holds in to our box at one time.

Because of this process, we could make about ten or twelve holds in a day which gave us the time to experiment with things like paint.

Unfortunately, our idea of mixing in paint with the poly-urethane was not the best idea after all.

As you can see, the moisture of the orange paint caused many bubbles to form within the hold. These bubbles enlarged the hold and caused it to become too brittle to use.

Thankfully, Trevor and I are still on track and have almost all of the holds that we need!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

5/6/2017 Making Climbing Holds With Trevor and Charles

Trevor and I have been covering holds in silicone recently. Our original plan to pour silicone into a box was changed because we realized that putting small amounts of silicone into soap and water would be much more efficient and would dry much faster. Because a whole box was not filled, we could use small globs to save large amounts silicone. 

Once we were confident with our new mold making process, Trevor and I moved onto making and testing holds. We recently received our poly urethane composites in the mail, so we were ready to see how well our materials would work. 

We were very excited to see that it worked out.

Then we tested the strength of each test hold by dropping it from tall heights and hanging from it like a climbing hold should be used. As you can see, it worked out quite well.

Finally, after a long day of work..... I made Trevor clean up the workshop.

Friday, April 28, 2017

4/28/17 Making Homemade Climbing Holds with Trevor and Charles

The first steps to making your own climbing holds are shaping the holds out of craft foam, which we will then pour silicone over to produce a negative. This negative mold allows us to poor in a urethane mixture that will then set in the same shape as the carved out foam. We researched this process online and called about 10 different climbing hold companies for their personal tips and tricks. 

Board consisting of tasks, designs, and important phone numbers

After sketching up some designs, we went to work using knives to carve the basic shape and used our fingers (the foam is very delicate) to make small details.


The results of our floral foam carvings:

A few of the holds are test holds, which we will be attempting to break once they have been cast to test the strength of our urethane mixture.

Stay tuned for next week's update!